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Fake Looking Awake with These Easy Tricks


Despite my best efforts to catch up on sleep each weekend, by the middle of the work week I’m usually feeling more droopy than peppy. This week I’m avoiding the dreaded, “you look tired” line from coworkers by using some of my favorite tricks to hide bags, dark circles, and less-than-glowing skin. Here are my favorite ways to fake it ‘til you make it:

Get Rid of Undereye Circles Without Concealer

I’m not giving up my concealer (more on that to come) but these handy pads feel soothing and help depuff the worst of undereye circles. They go to work in 10 minutes while I’m eating my breakfast. 

How To: Fake Looking Awake

I’ve literally never seen my coworker Eric look tired so it’s a safe bet you can trust his advice in this video. In addition to explaining what eye cream is best for when, he also offers up a DIY trick that serves the same purpose as those undereye treatment masks. 

How To: Brighten Under Eye Circles

Now about that concealer: I find that the tell-tale sign of exhaustion is dark discoloration under the eyes. Makeup artist Nam Vo offers up tips for brightening and concealing

How To: Get Dewy Skin

My naturally dry skin is only exacerbated by a lack of sleep, so I’m always trying to make my complexion more “dewy.” In this video, Vo offers easy instruction for getting a natural glow. It’s hard to notice your droopy eyes when your skin looks fab!

Mastering Bronzer

Nothing wakes up a pallid complexion like a bit of bronzer. Get a naturally bronzed look with these tips and avoid over-bronzing—that never ends well.


A lack of sleep also tends to leave my hair flat and boring—these volume boosters from the Birchbox Shop go a long way to making my strands look fresh.


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