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Put The iPhone Down: Tiny Tweaks, Big Results

For any who received their April Women’s Health Birchbox, you know that this past month has been all about tiny tweaks, big results. In honor of that, our video intern, Charisse, is focusing on improving small things in her daily routine. She’ll be sharing the results with all of you, of course! For her final tweak, Charisse changed up her snacking habits.


Week Four: Disconnect

After making tiny tweaks to my fitness, beauty, and snacking routines, I had just one bad habit arena left to conquer: disconnecting from my phone and TV. No matter where I am, I always have my phone on me; and as far as TV goes, well let’s just say that if it’s a TV show on the air, I’m watching it. So this week, I made it a priority to put my phone down, pick up a book, and disconnect for a little while.

Day 1:
My two goals for this week are to not look at my phone while eating dinner and to read instead of watching my normal TV shows at night. These goals seem pretty feasible and I’m happy to give it a shot. So far, I’ve had no issues with either and am happy to have started reading again. I forgot how much fun it can be to get lost in a good book.

Day 3:
It’s safe to say that this was my hardest tiny tweak of the month. While my new phone rule is easy to follow, it’s the complete opposite with the TV rule. Monday and Tuesday flew by, and I easily read my new book to disconnect from the world for a bit. But by day three I couldn’t resist catching up on Game of Thrones. Two episodes later, I read a few pages and headed to bed.

When given the chance to read or watch TV, the latter of the two wins hands down. (I’m not sure if my mindless entertainment habit will ever be broken.) On the upside, my phone rule is still intact and I’m happy to report that I haven’t picked it up once during dinner every night this week.

Final conclusion about this week’s tiny tweak: if I were born a few decades ago in a time where TV didn’t exist, I would’ve been one unhappy lady.  


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