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The Only Blush You’ll Need This Year


For the longest time, I didn’t know how to wear blush—in fact, I was afraid of it. My blushophobia had me convinced that I would end up with two red circles on my cheeks that would run and smear down my face. It was a shame because I knew on an abstract level that blush (when used right) can liven up a complexion faster than any other makeup staple. Luckily, this story has a happy ending: I discovered Cargo’s Water Resistant Blush, which some of you will be getting in your boxes this month. Now I’ve been showing off my cheek color every day—and I haven’t been felt the need to check a mirror every two seconds. 

What initially drew me to Cargo’s blush is its claim to be resistant to sweat, tears, humidity, and rain—basically every form of H2O that might touch your face. After putting it to the test, I’m pleased to report that its waterproof powers are impressive. Though it looks like any other powder blush, it’s made with an amino acid that (to the best of my knowledge) binds to your skin to help the pigment stay put. It’s great for the crazy transitional weather I’ve been coping with here in NYC, and I plan on wearing it through the summer (and probably into the fall) along with my other favorite waterproof staples: this liquid liner and this red lip stain

Since my complexion is light with golden undertones (read: I’m Asian), my favorite shade of the Cargo blush is Los Cabos, a peachy coral. It looks a little intimidating in the container but goes on sheer, and I think it would be a good match for anyone—in fact, it looks nearly identical to the color that Miranda Kerr is wearing in this pic. Now that I’ve overcome my fear of blush, my only regret is that I didn’t start wearing it sooner. 

Have you tried the Cargo waterproof blush? What’s your favorite cheek color for summer? 


Dying to get your hands on this water resistant blush? Here it is in the Birchbox Shop.

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