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How to Get Big Hair: Guest Blogger

Doing your hair can be a challenge and let’s face it: Throwing it up into a topknot every day gets boring. Christina over at Hair Romance believes your hair is your best accessory and it should always be treated at such. This week, she’s sharing all her best tips and tricks to make every day a good hair day. 


Who doesn’t love big hair?

One of my favorite series on Hair Romance, and also the most popular, is Big Hair Friday. Every Friday I share some fabulous big hair to inspire and here are three quick tips to create big volume in your hair. 

1. Wash your hair properly: Check out my five tips for how to wash your hair and use a volumizing shampoo. Apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair and make sure you rinse well.  Any excess product in your hair will weigh it down.

2. Blow dry your hair upside down: You can blow dry your hair with a round brush but the quickest way to add volume is to blow dry your hair with your head upside down.

3. Sprinkle some styling powder on your roots:  Styling powder is the ultimate volumizing product that every girl needs. Styling powder works in straight or curly hair and gives even the thinnest hair an instant lift. Sprinkle a little powder on the roots of your hair and work it in with your fingertips. Stand back and enjoy your big hair!

If you’re more of a visual person, check out our video featuring celeb stylist Serge Normant on how to get big hair.

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