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One of the Best Deep Conditioners We’ve Ever Tried


I’ve been growing out my hair over the last year, and now that it’s waist-length, hair maintenance has become a real problem. My ends are really dry and my once-perfect, now-bushy side bangs tend to hide my face. I fear that my resemblance to Chewbacca is growing by the day (just kidding). Fed up with my unkempt strands, I asked my Birchbox co-workers for a remedy, and hair whiz editor Meredith immediately jumped in with a recommendation: the Ojon rare blend Deep Conditioner. According to Meredith, it’s one of the best deep conditioners she’s ever used (and that’s some high praise coming from her). After listening to her accolades, I snagged a sample and now I’m adding it to my must-have list! 

I barely have time to give my hair a proper brush in the mornings, let alone use any styling products. That means the only time I pay attention to my hair is when I shampoo and condition it. I’ve experimented with deep conditioners in the past, but Ojon’s rare blend formula is unlike any I’ve ever seen. It’s a two-in-one product that contains a shine-enhancing golden cream and a moisturizing white cream. When you squeeze the cream out of the tube, you can actually watch it merge together to become a single super-hydrating formula. Scanning the label, I can spot a host of exotic ingredients that lock in moisture like African shea, Brazilian muru muru, and Indian kokum butters along with the brand’s signature Ojon oil. I’m psyched to try it out in the shower tonight. 

As Meredith attests, the Ojon deep conditioner is amazing for anyone with dry or color-treated hair. It’s superthick and creamy, so she alternates between using it as a rinse-away treatment (by leaving it on for two minutes) and a mask (by leaving it on for around twenty minutes). And if the shiny, healthy state of her enviably long tresses are any indication, this stuff really works. 

Do you use deep conditioners on a regular basis? 


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