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Snacking Is Not An Option: Tiny Tweaks, Big Results

By now, many of you have received your April Women’s Health Birchbox, so you know that this month is all about tiny tweaks, big results. In honor of that, our video intern, Charisse, is focusing on improving small things in her daily routine. She’ll be sharing the results with all of you, of course! Next up: her snacking habits.


Week Three: Snacking Habits

Though my official title here at Birchbox is Editorial and Video Intern, my unofficial title is Queen of Snacking. As a lifelong fan of Nutella and pretzels, I love sweet and salty things. Let it be known that I also occasionally indulge in a scoop or two of ice cream—and by occasionally, I mean every night. This week, I rose to the challenge of changing my food habits by switching out the snacks and drinking more water.

Day 1:

When I actually paid attention to my eating habits, I came to one major conclusion: I eat when I’m bored.  You’d think that watching my favorite TV show would be enough to entertain me, but I still craved something to snack on while I caught up on Mad Men. In an effort to avoid the extra calories, I asked myself if I was actually hungry, and shockingly enough, I was just bored.  To combat my snacking urge, I decided that I needed to keep my hands busy by painting my nails. You can’t reach into a bag of pretzels while letting your new manicure dry!

Day 3:

To keep on track with my new non-snacking lifestyle, I wanted to increase the amount of water I drink on a daily basis. On a normal day, I drink about four glasses of water, or half of what I should be drinking. I decided to add reminders on my iPhone to up my water intake. Every 90 minutes, my phone started flashing and I knew it was time to finish my water bottle and fill it back up.

Day 7:

My sweet tooth may be as incurable as my sitcom addiction, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make healthier choices. Now instead of eating while I watch TV, I can apply a mask or even do a series of workouts.  While I still allow myself a well-portioned amount of Nutella,  I’ve switched the pretzels to various berries. My water intake has improved too. Filling up my water bottle every hour and a half has me drinking nearly 10 cups a day.  Overall, these tiny tweaks have me on a great path towards improving my wellness. 


Read about how I sliced my beauty prep time in half in last week’s Tiny Tweaks, Big Results.

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