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Send Secret Messages and Channel Your Inner Spy With Burn Note


Forget sending and receiving photos that instantly delete—It’s all about self-destructing texts now. Burn Note is an iPhone and Android app that’s similar to Snapchat—the popular app that allows you to send self-destructing photos—but focuses only on text messages and can be used for having private conversations digitally. 

By far the coolest feature of the app is its spotlight approach to viewing messages that not only prevents someone from snapping a screenshot or peering over your shoulder, but also kind of makes us feel like spies.

To send a message from the app, you simply “start a conversation,” type your message, and add a Burn Note username or any email address to send your note to. To reveal the secret message, you place your finger on your screen and pull it over the otherwise blacked out text. The “spotlight” will move with you and hide everything the moment you take your finger away. But be warned – once you open a message, a countdown timer will start, signifying how long you have until the text self-destructs. The timer length will vary according to message (longer message = longer time to read) or the sender can set it themselves. But as soon as it reaches zero, the message is gone forever from your device, the sender’s device, and the Burn Note app. 

Besides the obvious work gossip possibilities, we love that we can send everything from goofy messages to friends to important financial information to our partners. It also opens up a lot of opportunities for planning surprise parties or coordinating gifts without the fear that we’ll accidentally add our friend in a group text or let them scroll through our phone. 


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