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Super Dad (and Fitness Pro) David Kirsch on Family-Friendly Wellness


David Kirsch and his daughters Francesca and Emilia.

A few weeks ago, a few members of our team had a chance to work out one-on-one with celebrity trainer David Kirsch. (Check out their awesome form!) Naturally I was way jealous. Kirsch is known for whipping stars like Heidi Klum and Ellen Barkin into shape, as well as helping regular people overhaul their diet and exercise routines. As the father of two girls, he’s also a pro at creating a healthy family life—I asked him how he does it.

1. I know you started out as a corporate lawyer. What advice do you have for people who are trying to stay balanced in the workplace?

Whether you find yourself in the corporate world, the fashion world, or the fitness world, making health and exercise a ritual is important. Find time for mini workouts—planks or crunches in the morning before you get in the shower—and put alerts in your calendar to remind you to get up and walk around hourly. I also recommend starting each day with a healthy breakfast and brown bagging your lunch. 

2. What are small ways you can work to become more healthy?

Eat a healthy breakfast with plenty of protein every morning and find time for exercise, even if it’s just a 10- or 15-minute express workout, every day.

3. What’s always in your fridge?

I always have coconut water, almond coconut milk, eggs, organic fruits and vegetables, salsa, dijon mustard, organic flax and chia seeds, organic 2% milk for my daughters, and some sort of homemade meal—it might be chicken, wild salmon, or organic turkey and organic produce. And a bottle of really good champagne, just in case.

4. How do you adapt your wellness approach to your two daughters?

My daughters eat what I eat, just slightly modified. I make it less spicy, since they’re young. We eat breakfast and dinner every day together. Breakfast is a slice of gluten-free toast with Olivo spread, or steel cut oatmeal and fresh fruit. Francesca loves carbs, so to make them healthy we use my air fryer to make sweet potato or Yukon Gold french fries, or we make kamut or quinoa or brown rice pasta and fresh tomato sauce. Emilia loves protein, so she and I like to share a hormone-free filet, or fresh caught salmon or organic chicken. They’re not really embracing salad quite yet (especially Francesca, who hates spinach) so we make tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado, or I make cooked spinach for Emilia. 

5. As a busy parent, what time-saving tips do you have?

Prep ahead. I try to shop on Sunday or during a weekday if I have a break to avoid the crowds. I’m lucky enough to have Eataly right next door to me so I buy fresh fish and poultry. I like to cook with the season: homemade apple/pear sauce in the fall and lots of fresh fruit, smoothies, etc. in the summer.

6. What about your favorite outdoor family activities?

We love scootering! We scooter all over the city—to school, to gymnastics, to the park. We also play soccer, ride bikes and feed the ducks on the Hudson River. 


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