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6 Seasonal Cocktails That Are Perfect For a Warm Day

The weather is starting to really warm up, and I’m eager to lay out on my roof and enjoy a drink or two with friends. And while I love a nice glass of Pinot Noir or a simple whisky ginger, sometimes I want something a little fresher to get into the spirit of spring. So I’m scoping out my local produce stands, picking up a few of my favorite seasonal ingredients, and getting inspired with these six fruity cocktails.

Strawberry Mint Julep from The Forest Feast

A twist on the classic derby drink, this cocktail is made just a little sweeter with the addition of some fresh strawberry simple syrup. 

Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail from Martha Stewart

I love the pastel peach color of this cocktail. If you don’t know where to find edible blossoms, talk to the producers at your local farmer’s market to find pesticide-free flowers that are safe for consumption.  

Spring Sangria from Eat Drink Love

This is definitely a recipe to share with a few friends. Toss together some white wine, Sprite, pineapple juice, and several citrus slices, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect spring sangria.  

Blood Orange 75 from Scout.

Definitely plan ahead for this dark citrus cocktail. The blood orange takes 30 minutes to properly steep, so consider preparing the simple syrup early and storing it in the fridge until you’re ready to break out the gin.

Pimm’s Cup from me!

There are a lot of Pimm’s Cup recipes out there, but I’m partial to an easy and extrafruity mix that I think many of you will also love. This English staple takes me from the first sign of spring all the way through September. 

Rhubarb Mojito from Not Without Salt

I’ve been eagerly awaiting rhubarb season just to try this drink myself. Mint, rhubarb, fresh lime juice, and rum? Yes please.


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