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Food-Proof Lipstick: Guest Blogger

Food first is SAVEURs motto. This week the magazine’s senior web editor, Helen Rosner, is sharing her favorite recipes and culinary picks in honor of our limited edition Birchbox Home: From the Garden collection.


The unavoidable truth of food and drink is that (unless you’re dealing with some seriously high-concept molecular gastronomy) it’s an activity that uses your mouth. As a lipstick-wearer and chapstick addict who also happens to be a professional eater, I refuse to choose between the two—and years of trial and error have left me with a relatively foolproof system to keep the color on my lips instead of on my wineglass. Or banh mi sandwich. Or mingling with the garlic and olive oil as a sauce for my agnolotti.

For me, the secret is L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick, which goes on thick and dry and a little sticky, but after a few minutes, it forms an almost magical budge-proof wall of incredibly pigmented color that takes serious elbow grease to remove. I apply, blot, dust with translucent powder, and apply again. That’ll take me through almost any meal. (And when it comes to wine glasses, I do a strange but weirdly effective trick that a friend’s mother taught me: Just before taking your first sip, give the edge of your glass a tiny flicker of a lick. The saliva creates a barrier that prevents any of your color from adhering to the glass.)

Of course, everyone is is different. My friend Gabriella Gershenson, who works with me at Saveur, rocks a matte lip like no one else and it stays strong through the most epic of meals. Her go-to is MAC: “I just wear a shade that stains,” she told me when I asked her for her secrets. “I like MAC So Chaud, an orange-red matte that literally saturates my lips in color. I also like their creamier Mineralize Rich Lipstick in All Out Gorgeous. It’s moisturizing, unlike the matte, but tints my lips a pretty berry red all night longand sometimes the next morning, too.”

But in the world of professional food people (that’s the official term for what we do), the queen of the red lip is indisputably Kat Kinsman, managing editor of CNN’s Eatocracy blog. “Everyone from strangers to my 88-year-old aunt-in-law asks me at the end of drinks or dinner how my lipstick stayed glued in place,” she said. The trick? Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime. “It’s kind of a pain to get it off unless you use remover,” said Kat, “but it’s so worth it for the non-bleed. Especially oily food can bring on some feathering, but blotting instantly can stop that. I go with a neutral base, and if I do need some serious color boost, I’ll layer some MAC Russian Red on top and blot a bunch. The two conspire. It’s a lovely thing.”

Your lipstick shouldn’t be the only thing to stay put all day. Try Cargo Water Resistant Blush for a natural look that will last from morning to night.

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