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5 Ways to Use a Chubby Eye Pencil


(Clockwise from top left: smoky, finding your crease, a bright pop, all over color and tightlining.) Toss that skinny liner in your makeup bag and make room for the extra-versatile chubby.

When it comes to eye pencils, the general idea is to use the product to line the upper and lower lash lines, giving definition to the eye. But while most of us are comfortable using a skinnier liner to achieve any number of looks, there’s a whole wide world of chubby pencils out there that are every bit as versatile and sometimes more fun to use than what you’re used to.

It might seem like these wider options are just, well, a thicker version of what you know, but we’re here to tell you that there are a whole slew of fun news techniques you can use to get different looks with these creamy shades. Take a peek below to find out our five favorite new ways to use a chubby pencil:  

1. Tightline

Say goodbye to tearing eyes!  By using a chubby pencil, it makes for a much easier and smoother application while lining the upper water line.  Gently pull up the lid, and glide the pencil from the outer eye inward—the color should sweep on easily. With a wider base, it makes it easier to deposit color without having to use as much pressure or time as a normal eyeliner.

2. Gradient smoky eye 

Instead of creating a smoky eye with multiple eyeshadows, grab your trustiest chubby pencil to create the look with one shade. Starting on the outer corner of the eye, outline the shape you’d like to create and lightly fill in the color from the outer corner of your lid to about halfway in using light strokes. Then use your ring finger to blend the rest of the color toward the inner corner so it gradually lightens as you go.  While most use black and grey hues for a smoky look, try a bright pencil for a unique take on a classic eye look. Right now we’re loving creamy teal colors like Sumita’s Eyeshadow Pencil in Rusna.

3. Finding the perfect crease

I never knew you could even find a “perfect crease line” for your eye until a few days ago.  I had the chance to attend a MAC pro artist class, and while there Senior Artist Romero Jennings gave me a makeup tip that I will never forget. To find your best crease, draw a faint line just above the tips of your lashes when your eyes are open, allowing the pencil to lightly graze the ends. Next, use a fluffy brush to blend out in small circular motions.

4.  Pop of color

Try going for a more adventurous eye hue instead of the tried-and-true black or brown shades. Chubby pencils often come in the season’s best candy-colored shades. To get the look, simply glide the product on below the lower lash line, finishing with a coat of mascara. This will make your eye appear larger and brighter.

5.  All over lid color

In a rush? Grab a chubby pencil and swipe it all over your lid. You’ll get incredibly quick eye color application, and still get plenty of pigment.  If you feel like the color is too intense or bold, blend it out using a cream shadow brush or your finger.


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