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5 Surprising Uses for Jam: Birchbox Test Kitchen

You miiiight have noticed by now that Birchbox staffers have an ever-so-slight obsession with food—from colorful veggies and delicious smoothies to festive cookies and fun cocktails. That’s why we’ve enlisted our in-house kitchen geek Nicole to share her cooking tips every week: seasonal ingredients, nifty tools, and must-try recipes. 


I’ve had my culinary eye on jam for quite some time. But like many home cooks out there, I typically use it for its tried-and-true purposes—here’s looking at you, PB & J—and haven’t experimented with it as much as I would like. Preserves have long been the honored and traditional accompaniment to baked goods, but what else can you do with them?

The answer is, everything! Sarabeth’s legendary spreadable fruit option is award-winning, pectin-free, and comes in four delicious flavors. But the best part? It recently landed in the Birchbox Home & Food Shop—which gave me the perfect opportunity to gather some recipes up to finally try my hand at crafting delicious dishes using jam and preserves. Here are five fun ways that you can use a spreadable fruit medley at home:

1.  Paired with Fresh Ricotta

Top your breakfast toast with fresh ricotta and drizzle with your fruit preserve of choice. If you’re looking for something more dinner-time friendly, try using toasted baguette slices instead of toast for a great crostini appetizer.

2. Glaze Pork, Duck or Chicken

Roasting meat can get boring if you don’t change up your routine! Next time, try brushing peach-apricot jam on a whole bird before it goes in the oven; or use the jame to top your meatballs like some of the folks at this meatball slapdown

3. Sweeten your Adult Beverage

Who needs simple syrup? This gin + lemon cocktail recipe (pictured) is delicious even when you sub in preserves for more traditional sugar.

4. Cookies

These fruit spreads can really dress up an otherwise plain cookie. Try this pinwheel cookie recipe, roll the dough around the jam, and bake. Fair warning, though, this treat often leave guests only wanting more.

5. Top your Froyo

This is such a simple option, yet so rewarding. Warm up an ounce of jam (fill a shot glass!) for 5-10 seconds in the microwave, and then drizzle the syrupy mixture over plain vanilla yogurt, chocolate ice cream or froyo. 

Need more yummy food ideas? Check out even more from the Birchbox Test Kitchen.

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