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Happy Earth Day! Small Changes for Big Impact

We love Earth Day because it inspires us to make green resolutions that we can keep year-round. This year, we’re taking a look at our daily routines and making small changes that we can stick to. 

What’s one small change you are making in order to be more green? What new organic or natural product you’ve added to your routine?

Hayley: “Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit Body Wash and using my Baggu! I know i’m boring, but it’s the truth!”

Mollie: “I’ve overhauled all my cleaning supplies. I’m in love with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day geranium dish washing soap — I actually *want* to do the dishes, which is a miracle. I also copied Hayley and bough the Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit Body Wash - adore the smell.”

Molly: “Using my Birchbox Baggu when I go grocery shopping — no more plastic bags! I also carry my Sigg water canteen with me everywhere I go, I’ll never buy another plastic water bottle!”

Elizabeth: “No more water bottles for me, either. love Ginseng Eye Cream from Origins.”

Loren: “Does using a lot of Zoya nail polish count?”

Eric: “I’m greenifying my apartment move as much as possible by using recycled boxes from Birchbox office and using biodegradable bubble wrap.”

Meredith: After chatting with Juice Beauty founder Karen Behnke for a recent article, I am officially obsessed with their Stem Cellular Repair line. Not only is everything they produce USDA certified organic (a.k.a. uber green and healthy), but their clinical results for these particular products is really impressive.

Read about more easy ways to go green here.

Ditch the plastic bags and use a Birchbox Baggu instead — get one with every $50 full-size order in the Birchbox Shop. Use code “Baggu4me”!

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