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We’re Inspired by Birchbox Members and Their Tiny Tweaks This Month


We’re inspired by Birchbox members a lot. From the beauty tips that you give us to all of your fantastic unboxing videos, you’re a generally awesome bunch. But this month we were especially touched by all the responses to our April theme, Tiny Tweaks, Big Results. You’ve really proven that January isn’t the only time to make positive changes in your life.

Here’s what just a few of our members told us that they’re doing this month to improve their lives in small but meaningful ways below. Click through to the comments on our Sneak Peek video here for even more inspiration:

This month I have started going on walks around my neighborhood with my Jack Russell on top of my normal workout routine. It’s awesome just to be able to take off for an hour to enjoy my surroundings and have time to reflect. I’ve also been spending more time with my family and invited all my cousins/uncles/aunts to a family game night next week. I hope to continue this every month. These small changes have made my attitude improve and have made me happier so far :) Danielle Vela

I buy a bouquet of fresh flowers about once every two weeks, and something seemingly insignificant brings me joy every time I walk into my apartment. Painting my nails is another small thing that makes me feel feminine and put together whenever I glance down at my hands. If you can do something small that reminds you throughout the day to feel confident or be happy - that is a BIG reward! —KK

I began “tweaking” my bedtime. Getting a good amount of sleep has made a world of difference to my attitude and I find myself with tons more energy.—Patricia Trevino

I like to leave oil in my hair a few hours before I shower, and then shampoo twice! It gives my hair a beautiful shine, without making it greasy.—MsFemmeEm

I’m working on my posture. I’ve been using a mental verbal cue that targets the underlying poor self image that contributes to my poor posture. I just think to myself “Elegant” and automatically straighten my back and hold my head up. Hopefully, after constantly correcting myself, good posture will be natural and I’ll feel elegant all the time! —Suzanna B.

I like to give my staff my favorite thing of the month. It might be a product or song or a new saying. This month I gave them an EOS lip balm with a thank-you card for the egg-stra work…lol. When I do something for others it gives me warm fuzzies inside—Lindsey May


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