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You Showed Us Your Awesome Manis and How to Wear Incoco Nail Strips

If you follow us on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably seen that pretty manicures aren’t hard to come by at Birchbox HQ. But while we’d love to spend hours in the salon each week getting intricate nail designs on each of our ten fingers, sometimes we just want our nails to look pretty and polished without spending the time on a full manicure.

Enter Incoco nail polish appliquéspolish strips that have zero drying time, last up to 14 days, and are super easy—and quick—to apply. One of our co-founders has even confessed to applying them in the back of a New York City taxi! A few weeks ago, we Instagrammed several Birchbox staffers wearing a different Incoco mani each day around the office, then we asked our Instagram followers to share their Incoco manicures with usClick through the slideshow above to see the unique way our subscribers wear their on-the-go nail strips.


Want to rock your own Incoco strips and not sure how? Check out our handy tutorial on how to apply nail strips.

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