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How To Pick A Houseplant From A Nursery: Guest Blogger

We’ve avoided houseplants in the past (NYC apartments are crammed enough as is), but The Sill is changing the way that we buy and display greenery. The start-up specializes in appropriately city-size (read: small) succulents and plants. In honor of our recently launched Birchbox Home: From the Garden collection, we asked Eliza, the company’s founder, and Erin, the social media manager, to bring their plant know-how to our blog. 


One of our favorite activities is visiting the nurseries we work with here in New York. Rows upon rows of beautiful plants lining floors and shelves, hanging from greenhouse ceilings…did we mention the heat and humidity? It’s practically like being on vacation, which is a treat for us Northeasterners. 

Although it’s hard not to get carried away and bring home a serious plant haul of some exotic fellas, it’s our goal to choose plants that are healthy and happy—and also easy to care for. With spring finally here, you might be planning a nursery visit of your own so here are our top tips:



Do your best to buy a quality plant from someone with expertise. In most cases, you’ll want to stay away from hardware stores, department stores, and supermarkets, and instead stick to your local nurseries, garden centers, and specialty stores or florists.



Definitely give your plant a once-over before purchasing: Watch out for yellowed leaves, powdery mildew, leaf spots, brown leaf tips, weak or wobbly stems, and other obvious signs of poor plant health.

The plant you choose should in most cases have damp soil so you know it’s getting watered regularly. And make sure there are no weird smells (aka root rot).

Finally, watch out for roots growing out the bottom of plastic pots. This also means it’s been neglected!



Find out ahead of time when the garden center or nursery gets its fresh stock. During the off-season (fall and winter) this may only be once a week. During peak season )spring and summer) it could be daily. Be sure to ask how long the plant has been hanging out or hanging on. The sooner you get it home to care for it yourself, the better.


A final thought…

Don’t be afraid to ask! Be sure you leave knowing the type of plant you have and how to best care for it.

Now banish that black thumb! 

Want to know more about The Sill? Check out our interview with founders Eliza and Gwen. 

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