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Want To Prevent Crow’s Feet? Supergoop’s Eye Cream Is Your New Best Friend


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that no one reading this blog is more careful about sun protection than I am. Sure, many of you might be just as careful, but I can guarantee that no one is taking even more precautionary measures. (I would happily be proven wrong. Fellow SPF nuts, drop me a line in the comments below!)

My daily routine always includes one of two Supergoop products, either their City Sunscreen Serum or their Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body and to give you a sense of just how careful I am, if I’m indoors on a sunny day and seated near a big window, I will likely reapply. But get this: Despite my best efforts, it turns out that my SPF routine was lacking one major component. 

While filming this sunscreen video with Supergoop founder Holly Thaggard, she made me realize that I often neglect to apply sunblock around my sensitive eye area. GASP! As a kid, I always had sunblock stinging my eyes, and as a result I think I started to avoid my eye area completely when applying. Since the eye area is the most sensitive and delicate of any skin on your body, it’s also the most prone to damage from the sun’s rays and most likely to show premature signs of aging. Bottom line, everyone needs to get an opthamologist tested eye cream that packs a healthy dose of SPF.  

Lucky for you, Supergoop makes such a product—its brand new Advanced Anti-aging Eye Cream, which some of you will be receiving in your box this month. And guess what? You’re getting first dibs on the cream since Birchbox is the exclusive retailer until May! If you’re not already sold, then consider this: Not only does the formula guard against UVAs and UVBs, but also has light-diffusers that minimize the look of fine lines and dark circles, and oat peptides to boost natural collagen. Take that crow’s feet! 

Pick up your tube Supergoop’s new eye cream here


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