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The British Brand That Totally Won Over My Sensitive Skin


During my junior year of college I fell in love with Edinburgh (above) and a standout UK-based skincare brand.

Growing up, I always considered myself a beauty rookie since I rarely played with makeup. (A by-product of having a big brother who teaches you to love cars and cloaked comic book characters as a kid). But during college, I realized that I had become something of a skincare connoisseur because of my sensitive, acne-prone skin. I was always on the lookout for the gentlest yet most effective products. By freshman year, I’d tried nearly every drugstore line I could find, given Proactiv a trial run, and finally acknowledged a tiny addiction to clay face masks.

By the time I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland for my junior year abroad, I was pretty well-versed in what really worked for my finicky complexion. So you can imagine my excitement when I found a British brand to fill in for the American mainstays that got lost in an EuRail baggage debacle. Guys, if you haven’t heard of them yet, let me introduce you to Simple Skincare.

The line, which debuted in the UK in 1960, caters specifically to folks with sensitive skin and many of the products feature soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and witch hazel. What’s more, I loved the formulas because they don’t contain any dyes, harsh irritants, or synthetic perfumes, which makes all the difference for someone like me who’s particularly allergic to scents. 

I started using their Hydrating Light Moisturizer, which packs nourishing vitamins B5 and E, and I was happy to find that the lotion was moisturizing without the heavy feel (and oily finish) of so many others I’d tried. By the time I left Edinburgh months later, my skin was happily balanced and breakout-free—a feat considering how often it would protest against new products.

When Simple launched stateside a little over a year ago, I was pumped to find out I could get their products sans smuggling via a friend’s luggage. Nowadays I’m eyeing the brand’s new Revitalizing Eye Roll-On since the combination of the rollerball applicator plus cooling cucumber extract could calm the puffy dark circles that seem to be a permanent fixture of my sleep deprived post-college life.  

Have you heard of Simple Skincare? Are you a fan of their products?


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