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Chalkboard Nails, Acne Is Caused By Dairy, and More
What’s next in nail trends? Chalkboard polish!  Ciaté has launched a complete manicure kit including four chalk pens. [SheFinds]
Dairy has been medically proven to be a cause of acne.  Read up on the potentially pimple-causing results of that glass of milk. [Well + Good NYC]
Learn the truth about ten beauty myths as busted by top makeup artists. [Pretty Connected]
Dior’s latest makeup launch promises to provide lips and nails with an effortless glow. [Refinery29]
Preview the bright and bold neons of NARS summer collection now. [BellaSugar]
Learn how to get chrome nail art in four simple steps.
(Photo: Ciaté)

Chalkboard Nails, Acne Is Caused By Dairy, and More


(Photo: Ciaté)

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