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Kool-Aid Lip Stain, A $38,000 Perfume, and More
Feeling nostalgic? Learn how to use a favorite childhood drink mix to create a lip stain that lasts all day. [The Beauty Department]
A $38K fragrance called Everything combines every perfume made in 2012—that’s 1,400 different scents! [Allure]
Learn about the best natural sweeteners, what to use them for, and where they come from. [Well + Good NYC]
Michelle Obama’s makeup artist gives three of Refinery29’s staffers different looks for going out. [Refinery29] 
The newest hair trend? Tie dye. [Into The Gloss]
Cate Blanchett scores a major $10 million dollar fragrance deal with Armani. [Beauty High]
NY1’s traffic reporter Jamie Shupak gives the city a peek inside her very early morning beauty routine. [Racked NY]
Get your bare legs ready for spring weather by watching this video.

(Photo: The Beauty Department)

Kool-Aid Lip Stain, A $38,000 Perfume, and More


(Photo: The Beauty Department)

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