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15 Minutes to California Girl Waves: Guest Blogger

Los Angeles native and USC student Sophie Elkus is a self-described fashion addict. Her blog Angel Food Style is where her joy for putting together the perfect outfit comes to life. And you would think that her fabulous dress sense must come second to her studies, but Sophie proves that having a full schedule doesn’t mean sacrificing style. This week, she’s sharing her favorite beauty and fashion tips for women on-the-go with us on our blog. 


My go-to hairstyle is a loose, soft wave, which is a touch more polished than beach hair. The style transitions seamlessly from day to night and the best part about these waves is that they look great on the first and second day. After experimenting with different curling irons and techniques, I’ve mastered an easy step-by-step routine that takes about 15 minutes.


Step 1
Brush out your hair and part it as you normally do. Then, divide it in half over each shoulder. Starting with one side, separate the hair into three or four smaller sections. Clip or loosely tie back the remaining half to keep it out of the way .

Step 2
Starting towards the back of your head, lightly mist the one of the smaller sections with hairspray. Wrap the hair around the curling wand, leaving the very bottom loose. Hold for 5-8 seconds and release. Lightly tap the curled hair – it should feel warm, not hot.

Step 3
Repeat step 2 until all sections are curled. As you reach the pieces toward the front, be sure to wrap hair away from your face.

Step 4
Once finished, unclip or untie the hair on the opposite side of your head and again section off into three or four smaller pieces. Repeat steps two and three. Finally, tease your fingers through the curls to comb them together and add volume. For extra hold, lightly mist your hair again with hairspray.

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