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4 Amazing Skin Savers: Guest Blogger

Los Angeles native and USC student Sophie Elkus is a self-described fashion addict. Her blog Angel Food Style is where her joy for putting together the perfect outfit comes to life. And you would think that her fabulous dress sense must come second to her studies, but Sophie proves that having a full schedule doesn’t mean sacrificing style. This week, she’s sharing her favorite beauty and fashion tips for women on-the-go with us on our blog. 


Whether you’re taking college midterms or grinding through a work presentation, there’s nothing fun about a stressful week. I truly believe your skin is a physical reflection of how your body is feeling on the inside, and when you’re highly stressed, it shows! Take some extra time and give your skin some love during a stressful week. 

1. Take it all off

Always remove your makeup before you sleep. With these wipes, it only takes 10 seconds to prevent a future breakout and keep your pores clean. If this is typically a skipped step for you, keep a packet by your bed to avoid any excuses. I use the green “Say Yes to Cucumbers” wipes, which are perfect for everyday use on sensitive skin. The alternative red “Say Yes to Tomatoes” wipes will keep major breakouts at bay.

2. Use a 5-minute mask
Sephora’s face and eye masks are perfectly portioned into one-time usage amounts. Keep a few packets on hand for late-night study breaks.

3. Scrub away
I can’t get enough of this Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish. The oil base leaves my skin so silky that I don’t need much moisturizer afterwards. Plus, exfoliation speeds up your skin’s circulation and rejuvenates your body – exactly what I need when I’m stressed.

4. Sleep it off
You hear it time and time again, but a good eight hours is the only way to fully restore and revive. When you’re rocking an eye mask as cute as this one, why not make time for a solid night’s rest? (Your assignment can wait until tomorrow!)

Catch some z’s and get true beauty sleep with these tips from our friends at Loveylish.

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