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MAC’s Sweet Tooth, The New OCC Lip Tar, and More
MAC launches a dessert-inspired makeup collection called Baking Beauties and it looks yummy. [Refinery29]
Children of the ’90s, it’s time to rejoice: Nickelodeon sitcom Clarissa Explains It All will become its own book due out in fall 2014! [Glamour]
You’ll never believe what these two ingredients can do for your hair. [Allure]
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics creates a product for a fellow employee to help raise funds for her gender affirming surgery. [Refinery29]
This is possibly the coolest fashion month recap we’ve ever seen, but we definitely feel bad for the graphic designer that had to put it together. [Fashionista]
In need of a more natural makeup look?  Learn about the beauty essentials from California girl Sophie of Angel Food Style.
(Photo: MAC Cosmetics)

MAC’s Sweet Tooth, The New OCC Lip Tar, and More


(Photo: MAC Cosmetics)

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