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Team Intros: Meet Matt and Dave!

Besides being crazy cool computer geniuses, Matt and Dave have one very important thing in common: those aren’t actually their names—at least in the Birchbox office. It’s become customary to refer to Matt and Dave strictly by their last names or as “lewis” and “mattk” to their fellow Tech team members.  

Kimmel is the kind of person who we think should wear a wizard’s hat just so everyone knows what he’s capable of. Lewis wows us with his code review skills and voracious reading habits and, we’re told, he has the softest hair in the whole office. We can’t believe it’s taken us this long to introduce you to these two, but here they are at last!

Well hello, MattK.

Name/Title: Matt Kimmel, Senior Software Engineer

Hometown: Amherst, MA

Unofficial role: Programming Polyglot

Fun fact: I was in an experimental noise band in the ’90s, and our self-produced (and completely unlistenable) cassette outsold Dinosaur Jr. for 5 weeks in the local charts. We made enough profit to buy a pizza.

Grooming confession: I bought my latest pair of glasses on the Internet.

Currently loving: The Barking Irons Brando Tee. Great fit, and makes me want to yell “STELLA!”

Worth the splurge: A really good electric razor. I’m terrible at shaving with a blade, but I’ve found you can get just as good a shave from an electric, if you’re willing to spend the money on a high-end model.

Best grooming trick: As a wise person told me when I was very young: “Socks first, then shoes.”


Meet Dave!

Name/Title:  Dave Lewis, Senior Software Engineer

Hometown:  Bentonville, Arkansas

Unofficial role: Obscure Benefits Expert 

Fun fact: I let my kids choose my clothes. 

Grooming confession: I shave in the shower without a mirror. 

Currently loving: The launch of Ratings and Reviews. 

Worth the splurge: Family time.

Best grooming trick: Working from home.

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