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9 Dry Shampoo Do’s and Don’ts


Avoid ending up on one of Glamour's cringe-worthy Don’t Lists with these dry shampoo guidelines.

Much like vivid red lipstick or potent perfume, dry shampoo can totally backfire if used incorrectly. You know what we mean: sticky, greasy-looking locks and lackluster volume. It takes practice, but once you’ve harnessed the product’s awesome revitalizing powers, it’s a game-changer. Impromptu cocktail hours? Bring ‘em on. Spin class-deflated locks? Fear not. With Serge Normant’s Meta Revive Dry Shampoo as our prime test subject, we’ve put together a compendium of dry shampoo do’s and don’ts.

Dry Shampoo Do’s

1. Do: Rotate different formulas. Stocking an arsenal of varying products, from aerosol sprays to loose powders, will help you tackle every hair gripe. We love to attack our AM bedhead with Batiste’s super powdery dry shampoo and boost volume with Serge Normant’s thick, texturizing spray right before hitting happy hour. P.S. According to office lore, cofounder Katia uses a different dry shampoo every day to score her signature, bouncy locks.

2. Do: Blend, blend, and blend some more. Don’t let the white powder finish or waxy texture from a spray turn you off—a little blending is all it takes to score a photo-ready finish. Let the formula sit for a few seconds, then use your fingertips to work it into your strands. Bonus: This initial massage also helps to add texture and volume. 

3. Do: Keep your distance. When using a spray, hold the nozzle 10 inches from your roots.This will lightly and evenly distribute the product without creating gunky buildup. 

4. Do: Use the right brush. A slim hair brush with tourmaline bristles will further help work the formula into your hair. We’re fans of Spornette’s Little Wonder, which cuts down on static without flattening your strands.

5. Do: Keep calm and rely on your blow dryer. If you go a little overboard, apply a lightweight serum onto any chalky, white spots and work into hair. With your blow dryer on a low heat setting, run your fingers through to further work the formula into your mane.

Dry Shampoo Definitive Don’ts

1. Don’t: Get too spray happy. Most formulas take a minute to completely soak up excess oils. With this in mind, gingerly spray your locks and wait a minute before applying more product. Remember: bountiful, beauty pageant contestant hair is sexy—a stark white Albert Einstein-esque do’ is not.

2. Don’t: Randomly spray and shake into the stratosphere. Rather than subjecting your unsuspecting coworkers to a mushroom cloud of dry shampoo, position and aim at your roots. By avoiding this beauty blunder, you’ll get the most of each and every spritz of spray and shake of powder. 

3. Don’t: Spritz directly along your part line or top layers of hair. Even if you’re using an invisible formula, always lift up sections and apply to the roots. This method adds instant oomph to flatlined locks and makes blending a little easier.

4. Don’t: Touch your hair. Seriously. We mean it. Once you’ve blended the product and styled your strands, resist the urge to continually touch your hair throughout the day. We love a coy finger twirl as much as the next gal, but your hands’ natural oils can leave behind a greasy residue.


Celeb hairstylist Serge Normant shows us his tricks for transforming flat hair into big hair in moments

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