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How to Survive an 8am Class: Guest Blogger

Los Angeles native and USC student Sophie Elkus is a self-described fashion addict. Her blog Angel Food Style is where her joy for putting together the perfect outfit comes to life. And you would think that her fabulous dress sense must come second to her studies, but Sophie proves that having a full schedule doesn’t mean sacrificing style. This week, she’s sharing her favorite beauty and fashion tips for women on-the-go with us on our blog. 


Classes at 8AM are rough. Period. You must be an early riser to make it to one on time, and even once you’re there, it can be a real struggle. When the alarm goes off, the last thing you need to think about is your outfit and makeup. That’s why I’ve chosen my favorite time-saving essentials to speed up your morning. You may even have a spare minute for Starbucks!

Foolproof Beauty

1. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo will save you an hour—literally. Why bother washing and drying your hair when you can lightly spray, fluff, and leave?

2. Mascara
It only takes a couple minutes, but mascara makes a huge difference in convincing the world that you’re actually awake. (Disclaimer: It’s worth it to apply slowly. Nothing good comes from sleep deprivation mixed with pointy objects near your eye.)

3. BB Cream
If you haven’t tried a BB cream yet, now is the time. BB creams are moisturizers, sunscreens, anti-aging, and foundation all rolled into one. Nothing is more useful during a rushed morning. 

4. Cheek and lip tint
Benefit’s Benetint is genius. Rub it lightly onto the apples of your cheeks and dot the leftover bit onto your lips. Instant pop of color.

Easy Style

5/6. Link it up
Gold link chain bracelets add instant style to your outfit. They match almost everything, fooling your classmates into thinking you put more effort into your outfit than you really did.

7/8. Add a print
Printed scarves are fun and work with plain tops as well as stripes (which can be considered a neutral depending on the situation). I love these inexpensive Forever21 picks—Ikat really is the “it” print for spring.

9. Embrace the stripes
Striped shirts and dresses are my go-to style picks for any occasion. They’re casual, yet they add a little something that a plain white tee just can’t compete with, and at the same time they also look put together.

Whip up a beet n’ berry smoothie before you head to class and take your breakfast on the go.

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