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Why You Need Dry Shampoo in Your Routine: Guest Blogger

When it comes to hair, stylist Amalia Moscoso of The Hair Dame knows what she’s talking about. From the latest and greatest products to the hottest celebrity hair trends, Moscoso has a range of expertise which she’ll be sharing all week long right here on the Birchbox blog. 

Our scalp naturally produces an oil called sebum that keeps our heads healthy and well-moisturized. Over time, that sebum can build up, leaving you with a greasy look and feel that makes us immediately want to hop in the shower. However, not many people realize that the more often you shampoo, the more often your scalp will get the signal to create extra oil because you’re scrubbing away the scalp’s natural moisturizer.

So what can you do to stop this cycle besides accepting that your hair will be an oily mess on the days you don’t wash? Enter the miracle of dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo was created to absorb those oils as if they never happened, allowing us to go the extra day or more without washing. While it may feel gross when your hair gets slick after a good workout or long day, it’s actually a positive thing because it means that you have a healthy scalp. 

In order to control the amount of sebum your scalp produces, simply scale back on washing your hair and turn those days into dry shampoo days. Not only will that allow you to skip a day of washing, giving you more time to get on with your day, but it also gives you massive volume and makes your hair smell fresh and clean.

Due to the increasing popularity, a wide range of brands now have their own dry shampoos with prices ranging from $3 - $50. Serge Normant recently released theirs and it is truly fantastic. We found it to be not too powdery and it really gave our limp hair great lift. For the budget friendly, however, Batiste makes an affordable line of delicious smelling shampoos such as Blush and Refresh that also refresh your tresses nicely. 

To properly use dry shampoo, hold the can about two inches away from your scalp and spray into the roots along your crown. Then, simply style as usual. If the product comes out white and powdery, no worries—just rub it out with a towel as if it were wet and blow-dry with a brush. This will allow the powder to really absorb the oils and evenly distribute through your hair. However, every product is a little different so the key is to find what type of shampoo works best for your color and texture. 

Check out our video featuring Serge Normant and our very own Katia Beauchamp for more hair tips

(Photo: beautezine)

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