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Considering a New ‘Do?: Guest Blogger

When it comes to hair, stylist Amalia Moscoso of The Hair Dame knows what she’s talking about. From the latest and greatest products to the hottest celebrity hair trends, Moscoso has a range of expertise which she’ll be sharing all week long right here on the Birchbox blog. 


Miley Cyrus getting her locks chopped by stylist Chris McMillan.

We’ve all looked at ourselves in the mirror and wondered if it was time to switch our hair up: Should I get bangs? Would I look good as a blonde? Maybe I could rock Anne Hathaway’s pixie…

But before you do anything drastic and have to call up your hairdresser for an emergency appointment, consider these few guidelines when it comes to changing your ‘do.

Your forehead could be a major factor in the decision to bring back your elementary school signature look. For those of us blessed with a larger-than-average forehead (a “five-head” for lack of a better term), bangs are a definite must. Some extra hair above your brows will bring attention to your eyes and give balance to your entire face. If your forehead is neither too large nor too small, you luckily have a choice when it comes to bangs. However, if you’re still uncertain that this look is for you, consider a commitment-free alternative with clip-in bangs. They are a simple way for anyone to have a test run before reaching for the sheers and a great, unexpected accessory.

If your eye color is hazel, light brown, blue, or green, you could be destined for a blonde ‘do! The tone of your blonde will depend on your skin tone and varies person to person, so consider looking for celebrities and models that share your coloring to get an idea of what shade will look best. If your eyes are on the darker end of the color spectrum, you might want to aim for more of an auburn hue instead. 

Short Hair 
When it comes to hair length, your face shape and body structure determines what style would look best. For Charlize Theron’s trending cut, you should have an oval-shaped face in order to pull it off in the same way. Someone with a very round or square face would not achieve quite the same look, however, almost anyone can rock short hair with the right customized-cut. At the end of the day, whichever length or style emphasizes your personality is the right one for you!

If you’re more of a curly girl, try our 3-step regimen for a head full of gorgeous locks.

(Photo: @mrchrismcmillan)

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