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Just Do It (Sign Up for Something!): Well-Balanced


Ladies line up at the starting line of the More and Fitness Half-Marathon—which Mollie is running next month!

It’s hard for me to get motivated when fitness instructors talk about bikini season, and inspirational chants go in one ear and out the other. But give me a challenge and I’m all in. That becomes especially important in the mornings when it’s cold and dark and the last thing I want to do is haul my tush to the gym. 

Recently, I took the plunge and signed up for two fitness events. I’m not quite ready for a real triathlon (though it’s a goal!) so I’m starting with Purefy Your Soul, a run, cycle, yoga triathalon being put on by Pure Yoga, Lululemon, and Soul Cycle. It’s taking place this Sunday on the Upper West Side in New York and I’m excited to challenge myself with a group of 60 other women. And next month, I’ll be running More and Fitness Magazine’s Half-Marathon, an all-women race that takes place in Central Park. I’ve downloaded a training plan and I’ll be lacing up my sneaks three times a week to get prepared.

When it comes to fitness events, I have a few rules:

Two are better than one: Grab a buddy (or three or four) to join you. You’ll be able to share training plans, talk through any jitters, and join forces on fundraising if it’s a charity event. We sponsored a Birchbox Cycle for Survival team earlier this spring—not only did we raise money for cancer research but we had a blast spinning to amazing pop tunes.

Dress the part: Get a snazzy new pair of running pants or break out the hot pink sweatbands. Extra points for fun socks.

Celebrate: I’m already planning my post-tri and post-marathon brunches. What’s the fun of burning tons of calories if you don’t recharge with something utterly delicious?

Just sign up: The hardest part is making the commitment. Pick a race and go for it!


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