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Would You Wear Gloss on Your Eyelids?


From left to right: Givenchy, Donna Karan, Just Cavalli, Giambattista Valli (Photo: Fashionista)

I was in fourth grade when I first read about the phenomenon of putting Vaseline on your eyelids in an issue of Seventeen. It seemed like a very brave and grownup notion at the time, and certainly something that would never fly in front of my classmates (whose beauty experimentation stopped at flavored Lip Smackers). Ever since then, I’ve tossed the idea around whenever I grow bored of my everyday matte shadow. And if the Fall 2013 shows are any indication, now may be the best time to finally experiment with the shiny eye look. The coolest part? In lieu of petroleum jelly, you can use almost any translucent lip gloss (and probably even that half-used tube of balm lying around in your purse).  

While lids with extra sheen are often featured in magazine spreads, this is the first time that we’ve really begun to consider trying the style in real life. Two seasons ago we caught sight of high-gloss lids as a runway look at the VPL show, but the turmeric yellow and violet plum shades sported by the models may have been too loud for real-life wear. Not so with the eye makeup colors highlighted this time around, which ranged from the pretty shimmery pink at Givenchy to the smoky black at Donna Karan and Just Cavalli. According to Fashionista, the shiny finish was achieved by dabbing on a layer of gloss over powder shadow, so it seems best to stick with one shade of shadow and forget about contouring. And for those of you who’d rather save lip gloss for its stated function, MAC is set to debut the first Pro Eye Gloss in two shades (Black Sea and Mother Pearl) this September—proof that this is one off-beat look that’s about to go mainstream. 

What do you think of glossy eye makeup: is it best left to the runway, or are you totally psyched to try it yourself (say, on your next night out)? 


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