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Diagonal French Tips: Mani Monday

As much as we love nail art, we’re better at admiring designs than coming up with them ourselves. That’s why we’ve enlisted Anna Norman, the smarty pants behind Glitter, She Wrote, to be a regular contributor. Every Monday, she’ll be sharing her latest lacquer inspiration—you won’t be satisfied with plain ol’ polish again.


Unless you’re heading to prom or a wedding, French tips in the classic pink and white color scheme can feel a little dated. Luckily for us, there’s a new way to wear the time-tested favorite this spring. French manicures with a pop of bright, unexpected color were all over the Spring 2013 Fashion Week runways, and it’s such a simple look to recreate at home. I love this orange and nude diagonal design from the Lauren Moffatt show. Here’s how to get the look.

1. Begin by painting each nail with a nude or neutral polish. I’m using OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, a tan shade that matches my skin color. Apply a quick-dry top coat and let your nails dry completely. You don’t want sticky or tacky nails, so make sure they’re 100% dry before moving on (at least 20 minutes of drying time).


2. Rather than filling in the full white tip of your nail, apply a piece of Scotch tape diagonally across the top of each nail for an unconventional look. Use a finger from the other hand to press down on the tape, creating a tight seal.

3. Use the bright polish of your choice (I’m using Kure Bazaar Afrika, a super-saturated orange) to paint over the exposed tip of your nail. For an even more eye-catching look, try using a different bright polish color for each nail. I love these neons from Color Club and this vibrant tangerine shade from Deborah Lippmann.  

4. While the colored polish is still wet, carefully remove the Scotch tape to reveal your finished look. Let your nails dry and then top each nail with a glossy top coat for shine and protection.

For more mani-spiration, check out the rest of Anna’s column: Mani Monday.

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