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A Week of Taming The Wave: The Birchbox Beauty Diaries

The Birchbox Beauty Diaries is a regular feature where one of our team members tries out a new beauty look every day for one week. Whether it’s lipstick or eyeshadow, different hairstyles or fun makeup techniques, we’ll give you five fun ideas for how you can shake up your routine.

Birchboxer: Hayley

Title: Co-founder

A Week Of: Styling her ultra-wavy hair

Monday: This is my ultimate ‘do nothing’ hairstyle. My secret is to wash with Blow Up Daily Volumizing shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry. If frizz arrives later (which it often does), I follow up with Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine hair serum.

Tuesday: Stick straight! My fancy GHD straightener was definitely worth the splurge. Less than ten minutes on dry hair and I’ve got my ‘do. I pinned up one side to really show off my new favorite accessory: my green hair feather! A couple spritzes of Blow Heat Is On protective styling mist makes me feel less guilty about all the frying.

Wednesday: I dug around the blog archive to learn the bun-and-scrunch technique. To start, I sprayed my hair with an ample amount of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and gather it all into a high bun right before bed. I woke up the next morning with tons of volume (you know, the good kind of bed head) and scrunched it up a little more for extra oomph. I really loved this look and I felt very on trend, so I will definitely do this again.

Thursday: Here’s something every woman can appreciate: this morning I had zero time to style. In a jiff, I created an asymmetrical part and twisted the tops of each side into small coils that I secured with pins. While my hair was wet, I pulled it back into a bun, but as soon as it was dry, I let it down into a nice wavy pony.

Friday: One read through our tutorial on the fishtail braid and Birchbox editor Meredith created this tres-chic style, which was nicely framed by the low back of my dress. The key to creating this look was using a hair bungee at the nape of the neck to keep the top part of the braid tight and then gently removing it once all the hair had been woven in.

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