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In North Korea, Women Can Choose from 18 Haircuts


North Korean salons allow women to select from 18 pre-ordained haircuts. (Photo: AP)

Most of us have experienced the pre-haircut indecision that accompanies every visit to the salon. But if you’re a woman living in North Korea, your options don’t feel as overwhelming…because the government dictates your hairstyle. According to the New York Daily News, women living under Kim Jong Un’s regime can select one of 18 cuts ranging from a blunt bob to a shoulder-length perm (as evidenced by the photo above, which was taken at a North Korean salon). And here’s the real kicker: single women are required to keep their hair on the short side, while married women are allowed to wear perms and slightly more flamboyant styles. 


On the other hand, men are subject to even stricter rules: younger men can’t grow their hair any longer than two inches, while older men are subject to a 2.8 inch maximum. Men have also been mandated to get a trim from their barber once every two weeks—a frequency which far surpasses how often most of their Western counterparts get their hair cut.

To top it off, the government purports to believe that “long hair draws nutrition away from the brain.” On the off chance their claim is actually true, it could explain why—as an Asian whose hair currently sits below her collarbone—I’m always hungry for kalbi and bibimbap.


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