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The Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project Raises $2 Million—In Just One Day?!


Kristen Bell as teen detective Veronica Mars.

After being cancelled in 2007, Veronica Mars, the cult-classic teen drama about a sharp-tongued high school detective starring Kristen Bell, is back! No, not as a series, but a movie.

Yesterday, the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, and Bell announced plans for a Kickstarter campaign to fund the film via crowdsourcing. Thomas had made attempts in the past to create a full-length feature following the show’s abrupt ending while in its third season, but the production company Warner Bros. wasn’t convinced. Now, five years after the show was pulled off the air, Thomas, Bell and a few other cast members have decided to take matters into their own (and fans’) hands.

In just four hours after being posted, the project passed the record-breaking $1 million mark and then reached its $2 million goal just a few hours later. The numbers continue to steadily rise (seriously—sit on the Kickstarter page for a couple seconds and watch the pledged amount tick upwards!) and with still 29 days left, it’s possible the project could surpass $5 or even $10 million in total.

This is by far the largest film effort on Kickstarter and a true game changer for how commercial films are produced. For the first time, fans can really contribute to a large scale production and can participate in the film-making process.

Given the overwhelming success of the Veronica Mars campaign, it seems likely that there will be even more film and television revival projects on Kickstarter in the coming year. And if we had our way, we’d love to see Saved by the Bell, Party Down, Freaks and Geeks, or The OC have their feature debuts. (We’d also say Arrested Development, but luckily Netflix has our back on that one.)

Are there any shows you guys are dying to see brought back as either a film or a new series? (And be sure to click below to watch the trailer for the campaign!)


Veronica Mars will be coming out a year from now. While we wait, we’ll watch our favorite films for beauty and fashion inspiration.

(Photo: Slate)

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