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Match Your Lipstick to Your Mood: Guest Blogger

Whether you’re looking for celebrity gossip, the best product for frizzy hair, or advice on what to wear to your cousin’s wedding, the gals at Lovelyish have got you covered. This week, a handful of the site’s staffers—Katie Kubiak, Annie Strole, and Allison Wheeler—are bringing their expertise to our blog in a series of five beauty and style how-tos.  


What I love most about makeup is its ability to convey your personality. It’s amazing what your eyes can communicate, but why not let your lipstick speak for you from time to time?  

Whether you realize it or not, your lip shade sends a message about your personality, so let’s figure out the best lipstick to match it!

If you’re feeling cheery, a bright red-orange is a perfect pick. MAC’s Lady Danger is a perfect next-to-neon red.

When you’re feeling complex, interesting or mysterious, a purple should be your pick. Select a shade anywhere from light to dark, mauve to deep violet, depending on the amount of drama you want to convey.

On days you feel like a bombshell, opt for a perfect nude. Nothing says sultry like nude lips, which makes sense given the name of the shade. Make sure you play up your eyes and cheeks so you don’t look washed out. 

Say you’re feeling sweet, romantic, and coy: A light pink conveys your cuteness. NARS’ Roman Holiday seems to have the ability to look amazing on everyone. 

What’s cool about these lipstick colors is that if you’re feeling the opposite of any of the mentioned mindsets, slicking on a particular shade can be mood inducing! On days you’re feeling glum, go for that red-orange. Feel boring? (Is that just me?) Try on any purple of your choice. I bet you never realized a lipstick had so much to say. 

A classic red lip will fit almost any occasion. Learn how to flawlessly apply it here.  

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