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Miss Glamorazzi Revives My Love For Hard Candy Polishes

We had a special guest in the office today—Miss Glamorazzi! She is practically a celeb amongst our staff because whenever she does one of her Birchbox hauls (she has been a subscriber for almost seven months!), our site nearly crashes. The adorable 22-year-old was in town to attend a cosmetics conference and luckily we were able to snag some time with her, long enough to show her around the office, raid the beauty closet, and shoot some videos.

It was fantastic chatting with her and I absolutely had to inquire about her incredible polish color, which I noticed the second we met. The perfect robin’s egg blue was so fresh, so fun, I knew immediately that I had to have it. When she revealed the details about her super-cool color, I was shocked: it’s Hard Candy. I was obsessed with Hard Candy polishes in middle school when pastel nail colors were newly popular and Hard Candy had the number one most coveted hue called Sky. Turns out, this is the exact same color Miss Glam was sporting and it immediately brought me back to my teeny bopping Clueless days. Obviously, my immediate next step was to go online and buy it from Walmart. I cannot tell you how happy I will be to see this shade on my fingers again—and don’t even get me started about the matching oversize plastic ring that comes with every bottle. So excited.


If you aren’t as interested in ’90s revival lacquers, then head to the Birchbox Shop to scope out some more classic colors.

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