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3 Tropical Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now: Well-Balanced

You wouldn’t know it from how much we talk about cookies, but Birchbox staffers are a pretty healthy bunch. We love our veggies and mind-clearing workouts, and are always up to try the latest fitness class or nutrition bar. Which is why we have new regular column: Well-Balanced. Check back weekly for our latest wellness obsession.


I just got back from a week in Hawaii, and New York’s grey skies aren’t helping with my post-vacation malaise. While I was in the islands, I took a much-needed break from 24/7 email, didn’t touch a blow dryer, and ate my weight in tropical fruit (not to mention banh miramen, and poke). As I reacclimatize to city living, I’m getting my island fix with products powered by tropical superingredients. (And listening to Hawaiian music on Spotify, of course.) 

Papaya: You can get almost anything in New York, but I’ve yet to find a perfectly ripe papaya in the city. I ate papaya for breakfast every morning while I was away, and am already missing it. In addition to being packed with vitamins C and A, the fruit is known for producing papain, an enzyme that aids digestion. Happily, it’s just as good for your skin as it is for your body—when applied as a face mask, the enzyme helps to dissolve the bonds between dead cells and uncover fresh skin. I love June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Masque, which has the added benefit of mango and pineapple extracts, plus replenishing almond and borage oils.

Coconut: In order to offset my grandmother’s amazing cooking (and her tendency to stuff me with sweets), I did hot yoga every morning at Sun Yoga Hawaii. Afterward, I rehydrated with locally made coconut water from the supermarket. Here, I’ll be getting my coco fill with the help of Caldrea’s recently launched Body Lotion in Coconut Fig Leaf. I’m already hooked on the brand’s pretty hand soaps, and this paraben-free formula feels silky and smells subtly tropical.

Plumeria: Plumeria (or frangipani) trees are ubiquitous in Hawaii. In addition to making gorgeously fragrant leis, they’re a common hair accessory. For me, the scent is the equivalent of Proust’s madeleine, which is why I’m a fan of Lucy B.’s Bronzing Shimmer Oil. As soon as the temperatures break 60, I’ll be tossing out my tights and using it to give my legs a little glow.


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