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How to Wear Mineral Eye Makeup



At first glance it might look like mineral eye shadows—in their shimmery, crushed form—were caught in a tragic packing mishap. However these loose powders will give you a pretty swipe of color as pigmented as any cream or pressed-powder option, with the added benefit of being perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Other eye color products can rely on chemical preservatives to give their formulas a creamy, compact consistency. But mineral lines like Alima Pure eschew these skin-irritating ingredients including culprits like bismuth oxychloride, a pore-clogging additive, and instead use crushed pure minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

As with any time you experiment with a new makeup product (here’s looking at you, liquid liner), there’s going to be a learning curve, but these shadows are shockingly versatile and easier to use then you might think. Gather up a few trusty eye shadow brushes and follow these steps to pull off an on-trend bronze smoky eye that won’t irritate sensitive skin! 

  1. The minerals naturally adhere to your skin’s oils—if your eyelids tend toward the dry side, beware of sparkly fallout. Apply your favorite moisturizer, allow it to absorb, and up the shadow’s staying power by gliding on a small amount of primer onto your lids.
  2. With the lid on, shake each jar of shadow lightly to release a dose of pigment. Open each lid, and place it to the side.
  3. Dip a large, fluffy shadow brush into a gold shade like Alima Pure’s Firelight and tap off any excess into the lid. Sweep the shadow above your crease up toward the brow bone, and extend the color out beyond the corner of your eye to make it appear more open. Now pick up a little more pigment and intensify the hue in the inner corner of your eye to create a highlight effect.
  4. Next, use a slightly smaller brush to sweep a pretty bronze like Mulled Apple from your lash line up into your crease.
  5. With a slim contouring brush, dot the darkest color, a gilded espresso like Hot Toddy, just above your lashes and blend only along the lash line.
  6. Use a damp liner brush to apply Tigereye along your upper and lower lash line, extending past the outer corners of your eyes for a winged look.
  7. Take a clean cotton swap and clean gently beneath your eye to dust away any shimmery fallout.
  8. To pull the look together, dab a small amount of undereye concealer beneath your eyes. 
  9. Finish with two coats of glossy mascara

The smoky, high impact result is perfect for a girls’ night out or a first date—simply grab your favorite clutch and go. 


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