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Floral-Scented Solutions for Your Winter Blues: Birchbloggers

Winter weather is still lingering here in New York, and we’re antsy for spring to arrive so there can be an end to all this dry air and parched skin. Our favorite trick to fake blooming season? Indulging in the scents of our favorite flowers with a mini pampering. That’s why we invited our community to a shindig last month with a little help from our friends at Jouer. We gave a few lucky Birchbloggers the opportunity to try the gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle-scented Body Butter and Signature Rollerball Fragrance. Here’s what three bloggers had to say about these spring-scented picks:

Alexis of Et Beaute

“Though it is a little on the small side compared to other roller ball fragrances on the market, keep in mind that this is a perfume oil and has higher level of fragrance concentration as opposed to an eau de toilette. The perfume fragrance will last longer and will not need to be applied as often as an eau de toilette fragrance.”

Milisa of Miss in the Kitchen

“I have super dry skin and during the winter it is especially dry. The Wyoming air is extremely dry and I often run the humidifier just to try and offset it a little. The Jouer Body Butter is so hydrating plus it has a wonderful scent of gardenia, jasmine & honeysuckle. I applied it after showering before bed. The next day my skin felt great, I didn’t even apply additional lotion, which is unusual for me.”

Amy of Gotham Polish

“This is one powerful little rollerball! The Jouer Signature Fragrance smells exactly like flowers.”

“It’s not the thickest or most hydrating body butter I’ve ever tried, but I love how well it absorbs and leaves my skin feeling soft and not at all greasy.”


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