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Happy International Women’s Day!


Hillary Clinton, shown here in 1969 just after she graduated from college, is without a doubt one of many women who inspire us everyday.  

It’s International Women’s Day! Which means that today we’re celebrating the many achievements, both big and small, of women across the globe.

This day originally started as a protest against women’s oppression and inequality. New York City women were outraged by the daily injustices that they faced and on March 8, 1908, thousands of them marched through the streets demanding shorter hours, better pay, and voting rights. 

A century later, the meaning of International Women’s Day has expanded beyond drawing attention to women’s struggles, and focuses more on their subsequent accomplishments in politics, economics, and society. It also celebrates the deserving women in our lives who we love, admire, and strive to be. Thousands of events are held around the world both today and through the entire month of March in honor of these ladies and what they mean to us.

Alongside our everyday celebration of all the fantastic females that keep Birchbox going strong, we’ve joined forces with another proud women’s brand—Elizabeth Arden—on a Pinterest board featuring “Women Who Inspire.” From Michelle Obama to Cate Blanchett, these wonderful ladies make us proud to be a woman. Check out the board and repin the images to help spread the word about International Women’s Day! 


Hillary Clinton is just one of our favorite ladies. See more inspirational femmes on our Pinterest board here

(Photo: LIFE)

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