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The Totally Effective (and Gentle!) Product I’m Using to Beat My Breakouts


My teenage years were plagued with bad acne, which meant that I tried more spot-zapping products than I can name: serums, creams, washes, prescriptions, masks—the works. Some did the trick, but either they stopped working after a couple weeks or I had to put up with red, flaky skin (which honestly, isn’t that much better than the zits in the first place).

Thankfully, acne-fighting technology has improved significantly since my teen years experimenting with too-strong salicylic acid spot treatments and retin-a creams. Now there’s a new wave of gentle, more effective formulas being featured in skincare products, and it’s convinced me to try something different to tackle grownup blemish troubles. When I found out about Evologie’s Intensive Blemish Serum, I knew I’d found something unique. 

Made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and chamomile, this lightweight serum fights breakouts deep within the skin. But the added benefit is that Evologie’s YS3 Complex ™,  its special delivery system, also protects and hydrates the outer layers of skin by upping blood flow and preventing water loss. Plus, for the sensitive types among us, it’s also alcohol and fragrance-free.

My favorite part of the serum? It makes it easy to fight zits without adding a ton of time to your routine:

After washing your face, pat dry and apply serum directly on individual blemishes. That’s it! Then follow up with your daily moisturizer or face cream once the serum has absorbed. Our editor’s tip: as with any other intense treatment, we recommend that you start out using this product once every other day and slowly increase applications to the recommended twice a day to prevent any possible irritation.


Give the serum an extra boost of acne-fighting power with Evologie’s Stay Clear Cleanser.

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