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The Story Behind Benefit’s Benetint: Rose Petals, San Francisco and an Exotic Dancer


Benefit’s Benetint is one of those makeup bag staples that every beauty editor and beauty junkie seems to own no matter what. It’s not hard to see why it’s a universal favorite: Just a few swipes of this rose-hued cheek and lip stain gives you a seriously pretty flush that lasts for hours. 

But while you might be more than familiar with the product, do you know about the cheeky—dare we say slightly racy—origins of Benetint? 

In 1977, an exotic dancer visited Benefit co-founders Jean and Jane Ford in their San Francisco shop with a serious makeup request: she needed a product that would liven up her nipples with a touch of color and last all night through long performances. The sisters’ solution? Crafting a rouge-hued stain by steaming rose petals in their kitchen. The lush tint was so effective, it soon became a hit with women throughout the city, and it went on to become one of Benefit’s most beloved products.

Now for the best part of this story: some of you will be receiving a sample of Benetint in your March Birchbox! 

To rock a rosy flush, simply apply a few dots of color onto your cheeks or lips and quickly blend in the liquid with your fingers. Keep in mind that stains tend to stick, so the key to getting the color you want is both blending quickly and building up color slowly. (A.k.a. don’t get too brush happy!)

Had you heard this (kind of shamazing) origin story before?


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