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Ingredient Decoder: Retinol


Anyone who’s ever fought the good fight against acne has probably encountered some form of retinoids—and likely has terrible memories of irritated, angry, red complexions and unsightly peeling skin. But thanks to some major cosmeceutical advancements, retinoids—in the form of retinol—are making a serious comeback as one of skincare’s most in-demand ingredients.

This updated class of Vitamin A-derived products isn’t only gentler on skin, it’s much more effective, helping to banish persistent breakouts, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, and boost collagen production. It’s no wonder that dermatologists tend to think of retinol as something of a skincare superstar!

Convinced you need to know more about it? Us too. Good thing the folks at Birchbox Man have done the research and pulled together a comprehensive primer.

Here’s the must-read ingredient decoder on retinol.


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