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Adventures in Mother-Daughter Antiaging Skincare


If you follow Birchbox on our blog and social media channels, you’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty tight with our moms. They hoard Birchbox samples, give us feedback on their monthly boxes, and of course send us homemade goodies.

This month, we decided it was high time to get our moms involved in the product-testing process. We talked Alta, our Brand Campaign Strategy Director, and her mom Sally (aka Sal) into doing the first mother-daughter antiaging test-drive. The two tried the same product—Kiehl’s new Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream—for four weeks and logged the results in what we think is a pretty amazing back-and-forth. The formula is designed to boost firmness and collagen production across all age brackets, making it ideal for both 27-year-old Alta and her 63-year-old mom. What follows is their actual email conversations. Click through to find out how they both fared.

Week 1

Sal: I’m so excited about my new wrinkle cream. The hope of a few less wrinkles and those friends who ask, #What have you done to your face??” in awe and envy… 

Alta: I was doing some reading, and apparently copper, the main ingredient in Kiehl's PWRC (Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream), actually rebuilds elasticity (the stuff that keeps our skin from sagging). It's the new miracle metal. When did you first start thinking about antiaging? Ever since I hit my mid-20s I feel like I don't use any skincare that isn't preventive.

Week 2

Sal: Well, I started to think about wrinkles at about 30. I went to Faces Unlimited and bought some René Guinot cleanser and toner. Up until Birchbox, I used it all these years.  Now I am able to find new products that are utilizing new technology and research on aging. I am looking at the wrinkes around my lips and the ones around my smile lines. I hope that this cream works on lips!  

So how is it going for you?  You have less lines, but wise to start early.  Sun damage, life damage comes on without even realizing it.

Alta: Thinking more about your life damage comment and not realizing the impact. Stress is inevitable and it feels like each day the lines on my forehead get deeper. It’s too bad the cream doesn’t also prevent furrowing.

30 years eh? Hmm. that’s actually earlier than I thought to be honest. It’s funny. Today, antiaging is all you hear about. Eventually there won’t be anything but age-preventive and reversal creams. We live in a society where wrinkles are no longer a sign of a life well-lived and too many trips to Hawaii. Wrinkles seem to be something we’re all a little paranoid about.

Week 3

Alta: How’s it going over yonder? Starting to see any differences yet? Surprisingly enough, it’s been about two weeks now, and my skin does look smoother. I also started applying the cream differently which seems to be working well. Rather than putting it on my fingers, rubbing them together and then applying to my entire face, I put the cream on in sections. Not sure if I mentioned this, but have also started putting it my lips. It does wonders in terms of hydrating. This winter weather is hard on the pucker. You should try it!

Sal: Can’t say my wrinkles appear less, but my wrinkles are not fine lines like yours but deep crevasses. What I have noticed is that my skin is much firmer. One of the problems with aging skin is it loses firmness then starts sagging. Hence the filler approach, which when done wrong makes you look like Alvin the Chipmunk. Will try the lips!

Week 4

Sal: I went out to brunch with a friend and she said my skin looked fabulous and what was I doing to it. Well, that is the test! When someone else notices that you look better, especially skin—well, I can’t think of a nicer thing to hear. I also notice that the lines around my mouth have diminished and my skin is firmer. So how are you doing with your skin… Love you.

Alta: I think I’m starting to see the signs of success! Mostly that my skin looks smoother and brighter. Still keeping my eyes out for wrinkle/fine line reduction.

It’s funny. Although they don’t direct you to apply to your neck or hands I’ve been doing that as well. My hands are so sensitive in the winter—like my lips—so decided it might be worth pushing the cream to the limit. Are you applying to your neck as well? I know you’ve been tossing around the idea of getting your neck worked on. Maybe Kiehl's can lend a hand :) more cost-effective.

Brush up on your antiaging know-how, and remember: Age is but a number!

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