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My 3-Step Regimen to Gorgeous Curls


As a curly-haired girl (okay, maybe more of a wavy-haired girl), I’m always trying products in an attempt to perfect my curls. The search is neverending and with so many formulas for everything from loose waves to tight spirals, it’s understandably difficult to get the right fit. (Don’t even get me started on extra problems like dryness or frizz.) Is it any wonder why I haven’t found my holy-grail product?

Having recently joined Birchbox, I decided to ask my beauty-loving team members for their top suggestions to help my constantly frizzy locks. Here were the standout products they recommended which have now become my new 3-step regimen:

1. CURLS Coconut Sublime Conditioner

This conditioner smells absolutely amazing! I’m a huge coconut fan and the scent alone made me excited to give it a try. I also like opting for sulfate-free products, so it was another plus that this brand boasts formulas that are free of silicones, parabens, or petrolatum oils. Score!

After shampooing my hair, I worked this conditioner from roots to ends, really ensuring to coat my strands. I let it set for about five minutes because my hair was especially tangled this morning and then quickly combed through with my wide-toothed comb. My hair felt really silky and smooth following my rinse. And while I didn’t need it today, I liked that I could use this as a leave-in conditioner when my hair is particularly dry or damaged.

2. Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

As I mentioned before, frizz is by far my biggest hair issue. I needed something that would prevent frizz all together because no amount of styling cream could fix this mess. Like the CURLS conditioner, this serum is also sulfate and silicone-free and has a nice, subtle scent.  

To use this, post-shower I warm up a very small amount of the serum in my hands. Then I finger-comb it throughout my damp hair, making sure to focus on the areas my curls tend to puff up the most. 

I really loved that my hands didn’t feel sticky following application as tends to be the case with many products, which can only mean great things for my hair. It’s also a plus that should my locks flatten by the end of the day, I can simply wet my hands to restyle.

3. Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

While my waves were in good shape after the serum, I’m always looking to add some extra definition to my loose curls. Miss Jessie’s came highly recommended as an easy and quick-drying style lotion.

Immediately before my hair began to dry, I worked a dime-sized amount of the lotion in my hands and scrunched it throughout my hair. Then, I separated one-inch sections of my hair and twisted them around my finger to enhance the curls and let them air dry. The lotion was incredibly lightweight and surprisingly didn’t weigh down my hair.

By the time I stroll in to the office, my curls are defined and super soft, and the frizz was minimal, even after a steady blast of chilly New York air.   


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