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Peek Inside Nicole Richie’s Vanity and Learn Her 4-Step Daily Routine

Every so often, we get the chance to steal a peek at the beauty rituals of one of our lady crushes. Lucky for us, fashionista and newly minted perfumer Nicole Richie not only let us have an insider look at her vanity, she also gave us the deets on her daily beauty regimen. We’re loving her simple, straightforward routine. 


Nicole’s vanity: Can you say organized? We’re stealing her idea and using an acrylic desk organizer on top of our vanities instead of hiding them inside drawers.

Step 1. I bathe with oils and layer scents (perfume and oils on top of lotion) to create my own unique fragrance.

Step 2. I like to keep it simple, so I apply only sunscreen and moisturizer to my face and add some lip balm.

Step 3. For my hair, I’ll wet it—even if I don’t end up shampooing it—and then apply a serum before I blow-dry. 

Step 4. I’ll put on some liquid liner, and when I want to dress up my day-to-day look a little more, I’ll add a red lip.


Want to find out even more about Nicole’s daily fragrance ritual? Here’s how she learned to create her own unique scent everyday.

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