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Team Awesome: Let’s Get Creative

Let’s talk about fonts for a second, shall we? We love our fonts. And white space, for that matter. We’re complete design geeks, which is why we searched high and low for a kick butt creative director. We’re happy to say we found a winner: Jess Williams, the founder of Boutiqued and former Thrillist Creative Director. She started last week and hit the ground running – who do you think designed that chic Feather Party invite?

Jess Williams, Creative Director

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Fun fact: My middle name is Leigh, after the actress Vivian Leigh from Gone with the Wind, and I once found a first-edition book and went to get it for my mom only to find it was $8,000…

Currently loving: Green eyeliner - Ivy, Army, Sage, all of it. I love Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Liner.

Worth the splurge: The perfect foundation.

Best beauty trick: Don’t wash your hair everyday - day two is always the best.

Beauty confession: I can never remember what order to put my makeup on (foundation, then corrector, then concealer? Or corrector first then concealer, then foundation?) so I have a scribbled cheat sheet under my makeup bag in my bathroom (I blame it on still being half-asleep when I get ready in the morning…)

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