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Bare Lashes: The Fashion Week Trend We’re Trying Right Now


We loved New York Fashion Week’s attention-grabbing beauty trends like burgundy lips and messy halo braids. But in the midst of all the big, bold looks for this fall, there was one beauty product that was conspicuously absent on many of the runways: mascara. DKNY, Lacoste, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and several other shows featured models with clean lashes that drew attention away from the eyes and instead focused it on features like flawless skin or pouty lips. We admittedly feel a bit naked without a quick swipe of mascara before heading out the door, but this new modern look has us considering leaving the makeup bag staple behind and trying something different.

You can try the bare lash look at home first by prepping your skin. You’ll want to stick with the fresh-faced aspect of this look, so reach for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to keep things lightweight. Next, try another fashion week trend with well-groomed, defined brows. Remove any stray hairs and gently fill in your brows using short brush strokes to imitate the natural shape of the hairs. Pair this look your favorite bold lipstick (we’re partial to an aubergine matte) and you’re good to go.

And if you find that you’re still lusting after a little more eye definition, brush on a coat of clear mascara to gently separate the lashes and relieve any worries about going completely bare.


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(Photo: Imaxtree)

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