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5 Single-Girl Valentine’s Day Rituals

Valentine’s Day is all about love (and chocolate and flowers and overpriced prix fixe dinners). But there’s no rule that says this Hallmark holiday is just for couples. We tapped Jessica Dang, the singleton blogger behind Single Girl Dinner, for her favorite solo pursuits to stave off the Valentine’s Day blues. 


1. Give yourself an at-home facial.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel is a simple, two-step treatment that will give you glowing, dewy skin in five minutes flat. Wipe your face with the pre-soaked pads, pour yourself a glass of wine and wait while the cocktail of glycolic, lactic, malic, and citric acids, healing green tea and chamomile extracts, and antioxidant-rich vitamins does its thing. Win!

2. Pump up the volume.

Contrary to popular belief, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” is meant to be listened to all year round. (You can mentally substitute “Valentine’s Day” in the song title if you so please). When you need a good cheering up, this song does the trick. 

Once you’ve played on repeat until you can mimic Mariah to a T, put on a classic rom-com, like Love Actually, Something’s Gotta Give, or When Harry Met Sally. Alternatively, Sex and the City reruns are always inspiring.


3. Cherish your cozy time. 

Light a scented candle, fluff your pillows, make your bed—and then get into it. Have your laptop, iPad, cell phone, books, magazines, newspapers, journal, and a snack plate within an arm’s reach. The bed is your universe. 


4. Whip up a meal for yourself. 

Not exactly Julia Child? For Paper Bag Princess Spaghetti, all you’ll need is a box of spaghetti, ground beef or turkey, a can of tomato sauce, and chives. 


5. Or order in.

Craving a spicy curry with garlic naan? Chicken fingers with french fries? Excellent choice! My favorite Seamless indulgence is pork fried rice, which I eat straight out of the takeout container with a glass (or two) of red wine. That always makes a #singlegirldinner feel a little more glam. 


Nothing goes better with a solo dinner than a fabulous cocktail. Check out our recipes for pink-hued libations. And for Valentine’s Day coverage from the male perspective, head over to the Birchbox Man Guide

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