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Celeb Stylist Mitch Stone’s Desert Island Hair Kit


Yesterday morning, I received an urgent text message from Rachel, one of our powerhouse brand team managers. “Celeb stylist Mitch Stone, totally amazing. Running late OMG.” I used my powers of deduction to figure out that the snow had delayed Rachel, and that she was keeping a very important hair guru waiting in our office. 

Since I love nothing more than chatting up experts, I was happy to hang out with Stone and talk about his new haircare line. The LA-based stylist has quite the resume—in addition to working with stars like Tyra Banks, Ben Stiller, and Blake Lively, he’s been a spokesperson for top brands like Pantene and Gillette. Now he’s channeled his experience into a well-edited line of styling products. 

Stone’s approach was two-fold: vitamins and essentials. “I was noticing that brands were putting vitamins into shampoos and conditioners but not into the products that stayed in hair all day,” he says. He worked with chemists to create a proprietary vitamin complex (VcompS), which includes reparative vitamin B5, protective vitamin C, among others. It protects and hydrates hair to keep it healthy, no matter how much you tease, blow dry, or curl it. 


Stone uses Texturizing Spray to amp up Rachel’s straight-out-of-bed hair.

As for the essentials part? Stone says, “I wanted to create a ‘desert island’ line. These are the products I use on every single shoot, on all hair types.” There’s the Lustre Drops, an argan-infused serum that disappears into hair almost immediately, and a light Texturizing Spray that Stone used to beef up Rachel’s hair on the spot—without any heat. Rounding things out are two hairsprays: Session Spray, which gives you non-tacky flexible hold, and Set in Stone, a heavy-duty finisher. 

Desert island kit? Throw in a hairbrush and an adorable patterned blow dryer and I’m done.


Thinking about coloring your hair? Read Mitch Stone’s cardinal rules first. 

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